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The Route to Fame & Fortune...

Where do you start?
Think long and hard before you start. There is one important thing to consider before you send that mail or Whatsapp to us. What ever your chosen genre, you must have a natural talent for performing. Without talent you are wasting your time, and you would waste our time.
Graphics photo 1 If you think you have what it takes, then send a mail or Whatsapp to us and we'll arrange an audition. These are normally held in a venue that has a stage. There will be a sound system as we would expect you to introduce yourself, and many acts require backing audio of some kind. There will be very simple stage lighting so we can see you.
There would normally be a panel of 3 people watching and judging your performance. Acceptance is by majority vote of the judges. Please remember though, that the standards are high.
Graphics photo 1 If you are accepted, we will give you a slot in our next stage production. This is your chance to prove your ability. You will be part of a 2 hour show along with a number of other performers, in front of a paying audience. It will be a stressful and important occasion. If you fail to impress us at this show, then the Stage Door Foundation is not the place for you.

...and if you come out smiling!
There are many different ways into the entertainment industry. There is no simple recipe for success. Each performance is individual. Each performer is an individual. Your goals are individual, so each plan will be individual.
Firstly, we will discuss where you want your performing career to go. Once we know this, we'll suggest a route to reach your goals. We'll also suggest ways to lift and develop your performance to a standard that should make your ambitions a viable possibility.
With targets agreed and set, we'll organise a schedule of training and rehearsals for more show appearances to give you the opportunity reach the standards we set. You must understand that the standards are always very high. Reaching the standards is down to your hard work and committment.
To keep you smiling, the foundation will provide the training and show appearances for FREE.

...and this is where the going gets tough!
We are not a booking agency, but with all the training, performance opportunities and media exposure under your belt, you will be in a good position to get out there and start earning from your performances.
However, you may find that you need two important things to succeed, high quality visuals and professional marketing. Fortunately, we can help. We have our two companies on hand to provide those services. IMG Visuals can create all the photography and videography you're likely to need, and Aktileda Marketing can provide some solid basic marketing. The services of these 2 companies does not come for free, but we do offer their services at discount rates to SDF students.
Here again, there is no simple recipe for success. What you're going to need must be tailored to the individual requirements set by your ambitions. Employing either or both of these companies does not guarantee success. They are simply available to help you succeed.

Is that the end if the road?
OK, let's imagine you are a singer.
You've had your training, your show slots and your face has appeared all over social media. It's a year down the line. You've got yourself some work and you've even managed to organise recording a few songs for an album...happy days!
The trouble is that you need a music video. These things are expensive. Reasonable ones cost anything from R80,000 upwards! You don't have eighty grand in your pocket, but you can get your hands on R15,000. The solution is simple, head back to the foundation. A project like this is very valuable experience for our students and technicians. You could get just the video you need at a fraction of the normal commercial price!
The foundation is here to help...

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