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School for Performing Arts in Hermanus

The new school that's 17 years old...
You probably didn't know that there has been a school for performing arts in Hermanus for nearly 2 decades.
It was on October 4th 2004 that the curtain opened for the first time at the new Hermanus Civic Auditorium. We produced that show. A celebration of entertainment called An African Evening. The show was a huge success. What surprised everyone was that the cast was made up entirely of young amateur performers drawn from local communities. Graphics photo 1 This show set the stage for the launch of a school for performing arts in Hermanus. The concept took shape and over the following 15 years evolved into the ArabecA Project training young dancers, singers and technicians from every local community - then Covid arrived. The world turned upside down. Our company was forced to close and our school simply ceased to exist.
Graphics photo 1 Then, in May 2021, an odd thing happened. We were asked to help stage a talent show in the middle of the pandemic! We heard a lot of "It's not possible" from a lot of people, but we're entertainment specialists. Staging an event within strict hygiene parameters is surprisingly straight forward and legal!
The show was a resounding success.
We realised that it was time to re-launch our school for performing arts in Hermanus. This time we've called it The stage Door Foundation

Aims and Objectives...
The goal has always been to be the conduit that will help to create a route from school into professional entertainment for naturally talented young people.
We have always been committed to taking talented youngsters from ANY community and giving them opportunities to develop their skills by performing in large venues in front of live audiences.
We have always used European Professional Theatre principles in a real theatre environment as the basis of our training and teaching practices.

So, you have a talent. Then what?
There are 2 things to remember. Firstly, we really only take age 16 and upwards because the aim is to get you into professional entertainment. Secondly, until you are 18 it's really important that parents or guardians are involved from the beginning.
So, the first step is for you or a parent or guardian to drop a mail or WhatsApp to us telling us about you, the talented youngster. We'll organise an audition and interview.
Now here's the kicker as they say. Our standards are high. If you do not have the talent or potential you think you have (and many don't!), then we will tell you then and there that The Stage Door Foundation is not the place for you.
If you DO have the talent and potential, then you can become a foundation student. We will organise a show slot and rehearsal schedule for you. If you do all the work and impress us and the audience at your 1st show then, and only then, will we start to map a route to help you reach your ambitions.

What, no fees!
We DO NOT charge tuition fees! We do this so we can reach youngsters in every community. The foundation is not a charity and we are NOT supported by any Government or Municipal funding. Our primary income source is ticket and merchandise retail sales at our shows, so we really do appreciate support from friends and family of the performers.

General rules
1)   We do not run a "fetch & carry" service. It is your responsibility to get yourself or your child to and from ALL rehearsals and performances - ON TIME.
2)   We do understand that normal school work and exams etc must be done. However, we expect all of our students to do ALL of the practice and rehearsal needed to reach professional performance standards. The world of entertainment is not an easy ride - there are no short cuts, there are no excuses!

...and finally
Performing must mean more to you than just having fun. It must be a passion. Without the passion and the will to win, you will not succeed in the world of entertainment. It is the toughest industry on the planet.

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