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If this is your first video ad' you probably think it's a big step to take. Well, it's certainly an important step for your company. More of a milestone really. But it's actually just 5 simple steps. Each leads logically to the next, so you end up with the TV style ad' you were looking for.
A whatsapp or email is all it takes to get started, but...

Let's run through the process...
It's important to remember that every advert is unique, so your ad' must be designed from the ground up. Even so, very often the ordering process can be done via email, Whatsapp and phone calls...seriously! The Under the Microscope TV program intro (click the link to take a look) was ordered, made, approved and delivered entirely via Whatsapp. So with that in mind, back to the process...
Step 1:   Defining the story line precisely
You must be quite focused with your storyline because we'll make the ad' tell that storyline, exactly. As an example, the story line for the "1 To-Go" ad' specifically targetted teenagers, with disposable cash, ordering a take-away burger. Take a look, you'll see how the story unfolds. We will need to talk to your marketing people also, to make sure we're all on the same page, at the same time.
Step 2:   Settle how the advert will look and sound
We need to know how you expect your ad' to look. What do you see in your imagination? For example, if we need to do a film shoot, what location would suit your concept? Same goes for the sound. What genre of music is in your mind? Story photo 1
Step 3:   Settle the content style
When you're thinking about the content, it was obvious from the storyline that the "1 To-Go" project needed film-shoots and photo sessions to tell the story properly. But with a different storyline, we could have produced an ad' to focus just on "The Burger" using the in-studio B-roll style of video that doesn't need location film-shoots. B-roll is all filmed in the studio. Quite simply, the less we need to do, the quicker we can produce your ad' and the cheaper your project will be! Story photo 2
The information from these 3 steps is all we need to put together a quote for your project.
Step 4:   Make the deposit payment
When you are good to go, a 50% deposit of the quoted price will confirm the order.
We go to work and produce a "First-edit" version of your ad'. We send a water-marked SD copy of the First-edit to you for approval. Within the quoted price, the First-edit can have one set of revisions at no extra cost.
You tell us what must be revised and we apply those revisions. Then we send a water-marked SD "Second-edit" to you. From here on, any further revisions you want will be charged in addition to the quoted price.
Step 5:   Make the final payment
When you are happy with the final product, we send you the final account. As soon as we receive the payment in full, you will be able to download a clean HD copy of your video ad'. You can download it as many times as you like. If you are going to use it for TV then it will be in the currently favoured 1080i25 50Mb/sec format.

The completed video is 100% yours to use and re-use where, when and as often as you like. We will keep a copy on our system for a year. If you loose your video (accidents do happen) you will be able to re-download it at no charge during that period.

Getting a video ad' to promote your product, business or topic can be very straight forward, and you will be pleasantly surprise by the cost. We can often make a video ad' for LESS then the price of a 1/2 page newspaper ad'...seriously! At that price you can start planning your TV style ad' today. Jump over to our Prices page, you'll see.

A bit if background...
IMG Visual Advertising is owned by husband and wife team, Lawrence & Cecilia Heron. The original IMG Eden company was launched in 2006 as an event management company. Over the years that event management has morphed into the video production company you see today.
Lawrence's background is in multi-discipline engineering, which is what led him to joining the world of international entertainment. He worked behind the scenes in stage automation. This is making pieces of set or scenery move on cue in theatres, in film & TV studios and on event stages. To begin with he worked for 2 of the world's leading theatre & event production companies before launching his own, Promanent Automation, in 1997. It was this company that brought him to South Africa in 1999.
Working in those TV & film studios meant that Lawrence and his engineering were always part of the film or program production. So it was an inevitable conclusion that one day a video production company would be part of Lawrence's CV. Take a look at some of our Completed Projects.

We'll leave you with a few photos of some of the awesome projects from our Promanent Automation days...

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Story photo 4
Story photo 5
Story photo 6
Story photo 7
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